N.A.J Members

The National Association Of Goldsmiths (N.A.G.) was established in 1894 to serve and support the Jewellery Industry of Great Britain and Ireland. The Association promotes high professional standards among its membership to inspire consumer confidence and to enhance the reputation of its members. There is a Code of Practice to which elected Members must agree to adhere to and by which applicants for membership are judged.

At a meeting on 16th June 2015, it was agreed by members of the BJA (British Jewellers Association) and N.A.G. to establish The National Association of Jewellers (N.A.J.). The association will lead, serve and represent the jewellery industry by promoting, protecting and providing for its members through offices in London and Birmingham, supported by both a strong internet presence and social media. The merger will mean the newly created NAJ will become the largest trade association member within The British Allied Trades Federation (BATF), where the BJA has thrived for many years.

Government, Trading Standards, industry and the media turn to the Association for advice and they also have a strong international presence, in particular through our very close association with the International Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO). The potential and pitfalls of our industry today are as complex as they are challenging. How jewellers meet those challenges will be dependent upon their ability to develop and harness the necessary business skills and to keep abreast of new developments and information. The Association is committed to encouraging communication within the industry and to helping members to adopt modern technology.

The Board of Directors, who are democratically elected from among the membership, governs the Association. The Board usually meets four times per year, there is also an Advisory Council composed of prominent representatives from different sections of the retail jewellery trade. This Council helps to define the Association priorities and to harmonise views of the various perspectives of the retail jewellery trade.

Membership comprises professional retail jewellers, who are committed to an honest and knowledgeable approach to their business. Members receive an unparalleled series of support and information services and can feel that they have a voice in the advancement of an historic profession.

Please visit the National Association Of Jewellers website for more information.